5 Totally Doable Destiny Achieving Steps: You can do right NOW!

5 Steps you can totally start RIGHT NOW toward your totally awesome destiny, dreams, calling or goals. It’s time to GET MOVING, Girl! ~ TotalThrive.com

You have plans. Big plans.

Or maybe your plans aren’t so big, but you have goals that are important to you.

You have a dream to do something ... be something. 

You close your eyes and you can see it. You can see what it will be like to wake up in the morning and LIVE in the fantastical destiny you feel called to.

But you also feel stuck.

You stand frozen. Bewildered. Overwhelmed. Confused.

“How the heck do I GET there?”

Well, I’ll tell you how you get there. You take one … step … at … a time.

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Here are 5 steps you can begin taking TODAY, no matter what your dream, destiny, calling or “any size” goal is.

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Step #1 - Write Your Vision

Writing it down makes it more real, gives it “life” … which is quite thrilling, I say!

Oh, I’m so excited for you right now! Your dream is about to be planted, so it can have a chance to be watered and fed and blossom into an adult size thriving destiny! Until you write it down, it’s just random and possibly vague thoughts whirling around in your head.

So get out your journal, your notes app, your … whatever you write stuff down on or in … and start writing, girl!

I highly recommend Evernote. Or an old fashioned paper journal is awesome too.

1 - Write the Date

What’s today’s date? Write it down, and as you do, think about how “Future You” is going to fondly look back at the day you read that super amazing blog post on Total Thrive and carved out a small chunk of the time to feebly write out the vision you are NOW living in … (“future you” that is).

2 - Write What You See

Go to that place in your mind where you can SEE your vision fulfilled. And start writing what it looks like.

3 - Be Specific

Write every detail you can think of. It’s okay if the specifics change over time, but give yourself something concrete to start with and reach for.

4 - No Worries!

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it might seem to anyone, yourself included.

It doesn’t matter how impossible it might feel.

The only thing that matters is you have the burning passion to do this thing … and writing it down is where dream seeds are planted. And if you don’t plant them, they’ll never grow.

Writing it down makes the dream more tangible. It’s an act of faith.

So be brave and take the first step toward reaching your goal, your destiny, your calling. Take the first step toward becoming “Future You”!


Step 1 Summary

  1. Write your vision

  2. Write the date

  3. Write the details

  4. Don’t worry!

Step #2 - Plan Your Destiny

To achieve a plan, there has to BE a plan!

Start with a fresh page in your journal or app.

Now that you can totally SEE “Future You” living the dream, look back on “how you got there” and write it down.

1 - Write the Big Stuff First

  • Did you get a college degree?

  • Did you come up with a way to finance your dream?

  • Did you purchase necessary equipment?

  • Did you learn some specific skill sets?

  • Did you acquire a building or lease space?

  • Did you network with people?

  • Did you create a website or have one built for you?

  • Did you hire people?

  • Did you create a product?

2 - Order the Big Stuff

Which big thing did you do first, second and third?

3 - Fill In The Little Stuff

Brainstorm smaller steps you took, either on their own, or as part of achieving the big ones.

If you got a college degree, how did you pay for it? (Tell me you didn’t go into debt, woman! Kicking off your destiny with a massive interest accruing loan puts a pretty big damper on your thrive. Think “scholarships” … apply for as many as it takes.)

Fill in as many mini-steps as you can, but if figuring out all those details right now is too overwhelming, then don’t hurt your brain over it. You NEED that brain!

Step # 3: Define Your FIRST Action

What is the very first thing you need to do to achieve that awesome vision?

1 - Braintstorm

Come up with something you can do THIS WEEK. Keep it simple and extremely doable.

  • Do you need to buy a book?

  • Do you need to call someone you can glean from and network with?

  • Do you need to sign up for music lessons, art lessons, photography classes, writing workshops, speech training, … “fill in the blank”

  • Do you need to find an audition?

  • Do you need to research community colleges, online colleges, state schools or universities?

  • Do you need to find the first of a boat load of scholarships to fund your education? (Just one for now!)

  • Do you need to register for a business conference?

  • Do you need to download a podcast series?

  • Do you have an opportunity to use your gifts and skills on a small scale as you learn, grow, excel, and wait for the right timing and bigger opportunities?

  • Finally … and clearly this goes without saying … do you need to sign up for the Total Thrive email list where you’ll get consistent inspiration, encouragement and actionable steps?!

No action step is too small. Just do SOMETHING!

2 - Create a SMART Goal

A SMART Goal is something Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Specific.

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time Specific

Don’t be vague. Clearly articulate a very specific goal that has a definitive way to measure that you accomplished it.

  • “Do some research” is not measurable.

  • “Research 3 training programs” is specific and measurable.

Decide on a goal you know is attainable, because you can and WILL do it, girl!

Your goal needs to be relevant to your ultimate vision of becoming “Future You”, and is time specific … something you’re going to do THIS WEEK.

Have you defined your first action step yet? If so …

Write it down in your journal or note app thingy!

You knew I’d say that.

Step #4 - Commit

How badly do want to be “Future You”?

Lots of people WANT to achieve certain things. Many don’t ever get around to actually DOING anything about it.

But that’s not you, right? You wouldn’t be this far into this blog post if you weren’t pretty serious about your end goal.

“Future You” is PRETTY darn awesome.


So make the commitment that you are going to take your first action step … THIS WEEK … and you are going to define and take another action step the following week, and the week after that, and so on, and so on , and so on.

Do “SOMETHING” every day toward becoming “Future You”.

Step #5 - DO Your First Action

It’s all about the follow through. Woman!

Okay, so you’ve worked through the first 4 steps.

Pat yourself on the back and go grab a piece of chocolate!

Unless your goal is to cut out sugar … then go throw away the chocolate, which would make a fantastic first action step!

Anyway, it kind of goes without saying, but clearly you have to get off your tush and MOVE.

Ooo that was good. I think I’d like to hear me say it again.

Get off your tush and MOVE!
— Jenna Dexter - Total Thrive

Let’s Recap, Shall We?

  1. You wrote your vision

  2. You planned how to get there

  3. You defined your first action

  4. You committed to doing your first action

  5. Get off your tush and MOVE!

I think that about sums it up.


Tell Me About It!

I want to know all about “Future You” and the action step you plan to take this week!

If you are having a hard time with any of these steps, including what “Future You” even remotely looks like … I’d love to help you.

Write a comment below or send me a message. Perhaps THAT is your very first action step toward “Future You”!

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5 Steps you can totally start RIGHT NOW toward your totally awesome destiny, dreams, calling or goals. It’s time to GET MOVING, Girl! ~ TotalThrive.com
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