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Find your Total Thrive

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To live in Total Thrive is to flourish in every area of your life.

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I'm Jenna

Jenna Dexter | Total Thrive

Hello, girlfriend.

My name is Jenna Dexter.

My passion is to connect with women and facilitate their pursuit of the abundant life

  • Create a thriving lifestyle
  • Embrace your inner strength
  • Make wise and thoughtful choices
  • Nurture your spiritual foundation
  • Tend to your emotional health
  • Delight in the joys of every day life
  • Take actionable steps toward achieving your goals
  • Tap into the fullness of your extraordinary potential, so you can share it with the world

Whether you want to lose weight, travel, start a business or boldly go after an extravagant life calling, a step into Total Thrive is a step closer to your destiny.  

Which should definitely include a cat. Because cats are awesome.


You Are Stronger
Than You Think You Are


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What's Your Story?


I want to know you. Yeah, YOU! 

I invite you to connect with me and tell me who you are. Where are you in your journey of life? What are your awesome successes and where could you use some support?

And more importantly, what's your cat's name? And pics. I need pics. (Of your cat AND you would be optimal.)

Total Thrive is for you, my friend. So the more I know you, the better I can serve you.


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