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You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are

A woman once spoke these words to me on a forum for road cyclists.

They stuck with me.

She was right. I was a stronger cyclist than I thought I was. Faster, smarter and more capable than I knew. With enough work, dedication, consistency and belief, I became one of those women cyclists actually doing the passing on a long climb in Southern California … and absolutely reveled the day I heard, “How does she go that fast!”, uttered between gasps for air behind me.

Turns out, I would be forced to find out just how strong I was in a myriad of ways … once divorce reared it’s horrifying head.

From career homemaker and homeschool mom, to … well, reinventing myself, discovering hidden talents I never knew I had, and digging deep for that inner strength I’d summoned as a cyclist … but on a whole new, far more relevant level.

6 Things I Went After & Achieved

  • WRITER - I discovered a gift and a “call” for writing, which landed me a gig at Good Catch Publishing. I actually got paid to meet awesome people and write their incredible stories.

  • INTERNET ENTREPRENEUR - I watched my first monetized website grow to become my biggest source of income, and still get giddy when I read messages from people thanking me for the service I provide.

  • INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURER - I embraced my season of singleness by up and adventuring to Australia and New Zealand for three months of solo travel. (I still can’t believe I did that!)

  • MUSICIAN - I learned to play piano after lifetime of … stupidly thinking I couldn’t. Which means I now add keyboard to my life long gift and passion for singing and worship leading … and it blows me away every single time!

  • MARKETER - I discovered an ability to connect with people, demonstrate a software app, and knowledgeably answer questions. This skill opened the opportunity for further travel, including trips to Europe.

  • LIFE COACH - I found out that I not only have a knack for defining what I want to achieve and going after it, I naturally help others do the same. This led to professional certification … but that part came later in my story.

If I Could Do Anything I Wanted, What Would It Be?

God told me to ask me this … the day I went to my new “super special God place” in search of answers.

Shortly after my return from adventuring Down Under, I had “set up house” in beautiful Northern California, only to be side blinded by a Google algorithm and sudden drop in Amazon referral rates, both of which significantly impacted my online business, and reducing my income.

After a few months of hard work to reverse those effects, I either needed another stream of income or reduce my expenses … or both.

I thought about all the random “normal people” jobs I was perfectly capable of getting, but none of them settled with my entrepreneurial spirit of living life on my terms.

And that’s when God nudged me to think outside of the box. Setting aside my need to pay my bills right NOW … if I could do anything I wanted … if I could earn a living any way I wanted … what would that be?

What’s the bigger picture? What do I want to be doing a year from now … five years from now … that will give me a sustainable income that I love doing, while making a significant impact on the lives of others.

Brainstorming Outside the Box

First thought that pops into my mind is that “other” website I had envisioned repeatedly. Beyond my monetized website relating to natural health products, I had an unshakable desire to create a platform where I could write about things I’m passionate about on a deeper, perhaps more spiritual level.

I’d been down that road before a couple of years before. But the idea wasn’t quite right, and it just wasn’t the right timing. But God doesn’t waste anything. I learned a ton from throwing myself into that venture.

And now here I was … in another season where I’m experiencing a “pain” (i.e. financial trauma), and isn’t it just like God to use friction and discomfort to get our attention, in order to nudge us toward his ultimate purpose for us?

So with a website in mind, I began brainstorming what the focus would be, what God had called me to do, and meticulously been preparing me for. Because I knew that I knew that everything I’d been through up to that point was for a purpose. Even the solo travel. It wasn’t just for kicks.

I reflected on the things I’m passionate about, combined with my ever growing skills and life experiences, as well as my personality profile and spiritual gifts … and then … an idea popped into my head. That idea was combined with another and another until I suddenly had this beautiful picture of … well, Total Thrive. Though the name came later.

And this time … I knew everything about it was right.

How I Evaluated My Skills, Experience, Personality & Spiritual Gifts to Define My Vision

As you read how I arrived at the details of a pretty huge calling on my life, consider how you can use this same road map to define your own destiny.

  • I have the gift of faith, believing in the impossible. I dream big and want others to as well.

  • I have the gift of encouragement. I can’t help but boost others up and get them moving toward their goals.

  • My personality temperament is sanguine & choleric, which means not only am I the “super fun” life of the party … WOOP WOOP! … but I “lead” the fun! The choleric in me is a natural born leader and visionary.

  • I am a writer … so … duh. All I needed was something to write about, and evaluating my spiritual gifts helped me zero in on that.

  • I’m a creative, which led to the idea of beautifully designed products and social media images.

  • The quote … “Pray About Everything Worry About Nothing” … a vinyl that hung on my wall during a scary season of uncertainty, impacted me profoundly. Thus, the idea to create quotes for others that encourage and inspire.

  • I have people skills. I can connect with people one on one.

  • I’m a singer, musician and worship leader, which means I have experience in front of people.

  • I have skills, experience and success in website design, social media influence, internet marketing, SEO, and more.

  • I have personal experience in defining goals, making a plan of action, and achieving what I set out to do.

  • During my international travel, I dabbled with creating & editing videos of my adventures, and posting them on my travel blog.

  • I’m a researcher, which I’ve discovered is truly a skill that not everyone has. With this skill, and enough determination and patience, you can learn to do just about anything.

And thus, Total Thrive was conceived.

- Flouish Koru DIV.png

“It’s Like You’re A Life Coach!”

I had literally just met Angelica and her friend at a Dani Johnson conference. Dani had tasked us to go to lunch with someone we didn’t know, and as our trio walked back to the hotel for the afternoon session I asked Angelica, “What’s the biggest thing you want to accomplish this year?”

Instinctively, I followed that up with more questions about her situation, which led to asking what the very first step she needed to take was, and getting her to commit to “when” she would take it.

As we approached the hotel, Angelica’s excitement blossomed. She now had clarity on the first step toward a huge goal she’d been putting off for about three years, and she finally felt the spark of motivation to take that step.

“It’s like you’re a life coach!” she exclaimed.

This was totally an “aha” moment for me. A title I’d never considered before, and yet it became so blatantly obvious that I WAS a life coach. It’s just who I had become. God had snuck in when I wasn’t looking and orchestrated my life, my experiences and natural inclinations to groom me into this calling.

I then pursued this calling with professional training and became a Certified Life Coach.

So what is YOUR life purpose? Your goals, calling, destiny? Send me a message and tell me. I want to know!

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So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose.
— Romans 8:28 - The Passion Translation