Let’s Uplevel Your Life Together!

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Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Worship Leader - Jenna Dexter | Total Thrive

I Can Help You …

  • Create a vision for where you’ll be in 3 months … 3 years … 10 years

  • Identify where your focus should be to get you there

  • Prioritize your time for optimal success

  • Brainstorm actionable steps you can actually see yourself taking

I Have Mad Skills To …

  • Motivate you to take those steps

  • Inspire you to believe … because you got this, girl!

  • Keep you accountable (in the best way possible!)

  • Break out the dance moves to celebrate your flaming success!

I Specialize In …

  • Helping you Define Your Destiny, Calling, Purpose … or “Any Size Goals”

  • Helping you understand your Personality Temperament which:

    • Highlights which ministries, careers, and skills you are naturally suited for

    • Dramatically improves your relationships with your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, boss, clients, ministry cohorts and the customer service lady at Target!

    • Opens doors of opportunity to do whatever it is you do

    • Gives you the edge for that job promotion

    • Gets you more clients, more business, resulting in higher income

    • Helps you optimize your natural strengths

    • Helps you overcome your weaknesses and/or have a little grace with yourself!

  • Helping you craft a vision for your life and creating actionable steps to make that vision a reality

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